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Global Government Affairs in the Spotlight

A recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted 2017 as the year of uncertainty for multinational CEOs. In this piece Michael D. Watkins, a professor of leadership and organizational change at IMD Business School in Switzerland, states “2017 is going to be more volatile and more complex than previous years.’’

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Why Legislative Tracking is Not Enough

Traditionally, government affairs teams have relied on some type of legislative tracking tool to monitor changes happening in state governments and in Congress– a reactive strategy that is no match for today’s complicated policy environment. Increasing volumes of data, emerging industry disruptors, and an ever-changing regulatory landscape make simple tracking methods insufficient.

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Defining Success in Modern Government Affairs

The digital revolution has transformed most industries in ways that were unforeseeable just a few years ago. As this transformation has impacted business models themselves, professionals in many industries are finding that the very definition of success looks very different than it has in the past. The widespread adoption of new technologies has rendered many business practices less important, or even obsolete, forcing professionals and teams to acquire new skills and develop new success metrics.

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