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EU Issue Tracker

monitors EU policy change. Receive targeted alerts and forward-looking analysis from our experts in Brussels.
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How it works

  • Our team analyzes the changes and sends you the knowledge

    Don’t be caught off guard – Receive concise updates on your dossiers that cut through the clutter of your inbox. Leave the baseline intelligence to us and invest the time you'll save for more strategic work. Request a demo to learn more.

    Dossier Updates with EU Issue Tracker
  • Don’t miss opportunities to shape policy

    If a new legislative initiative takes an organization by surprise, significant damage can result. Your job is to provide a regulatory radar for your organization. We are that radar. We identify regulatory risks before they become formal proposals.

    Regulation Monitoring with EU Issue Tracker
  • What good is a radar with blind spots?

    Our coverage is complete. We cover all of the EU’s regulatory agencies at a granular level so you can follow individual measures and clearly see how existing regulations will change.

    EU Regulatory Agency Tracking

Ready to see for yourself?

Discover What Makes EU Issue Tracker Different

  • EU Issue Tracker dashboard

    EU Issue Tracker dashboard

    You don't have time to do systematic monitoring. Leave the baseline intelligence to us and invest your time savings into adding value only you can provide.

    Request a demo of EU Issue Tracker

  • Eu Issue Tracker dashboard for future initatives

  • EU Issue Tracker on an iphone

How It’s Used by Leading Companies

Who's using it

Corporations, non-profits, associations, and law firms globally rely on the expert analysis of EU Issue Tracker to monitor EU legislation.


Ready to see for yourself?

See how EU Issue Tracker saves you time.