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The user-friendly PAC management tool that streamlines donation tracking and reporting tasks - all from a single dashboard.

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  • American Psychiatric Association
  • NATA
  • Americans for the Arts
  • Jewelers of America
  • Alliance For Rights & Recovery

Track donations. Report requirements. Stay compliant.

All-inclusive PAC management

Stay on top of supporter engagement, campaigns,
donations, and compliance management — all
from a central dashboard.

Personalized donation strategies

Create outreach lists based on occupation, location, previous donation history, and more, and then write email messages tailored to each group.

Customized donation sites

Micro-target supporters based on relevant interests with easy-to-create custom pages and detailed donation asks.

Automated compliance

PACbuilder submits compliance reports to federal and state agencies on your behalf, saving you time and money.

Alerts to potential issues

Get proactively alerted to potential issues so you can address them before they become impediments to compliance.

System integration

PACbuilder can integrate with your existing fundraising systems to ensure a seamless user experience.

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FiscalNote is the #1 solution for providing critical policy and global intelligence in a rapidly evolving world.

Powered by data and AI, analyzed by experts, and enhanced by the community, our policy and global intelligence solutions help you navigate today’s complex world.

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