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How to create more resilient supply chains that are immune to disruption from 4th & 5th party suppliers

Prevent disruption in transportation supply chains.

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In late 2023, President Joe Biden introduced initiatives to bolster critical supply chains, emphasising the growing importance of data-driven insights for supply chain transparency and resilience. These actions are set to catalyse a global trend towards greater regulatory scrutiny and transparency in supply chain management, particularly within the transportation industry.

Given the increasingly complex and sprawling supply networks, organisations face the challenge of navigating fourth and fifth-party risks, which often lurk beyond immediate vendors. Geopolitical shifts further complicate this landscape, heightening the need for proactive risk management strategies to mitigate disruptions and safeguard operations.

In this white paper, "How to create more resilient supply chains that are immune to disruption from 4th & 5th party suppliers", we explore practical approaches for managing fourth and fifth-party risks, with a focus on the transportation sector. From identifying key vulnerabilities to leveraging technology and AI for risk mitigation, we delve into strategies to enhance supply chain resilience while uncovering untapped business opportunities through supplier monitoring.

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