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Our Mission: To connect people and organizations to government. By doing so, we are helping to create a more transparent and connected global society.

FiscalNote is the premier information services company focused on global policy and market intelligence. By combining AI technology, expert analysis, and legislative, regulatory, and geopolitical data, FiscalNote is reinventing the way that organizations minimize risk and capitalize on opportunity.

Home to CQ, Roll Call, Oxford Analytica, and VoterVoice, FiscalNote empowers more than 5,000 clients worldwide to monitor, manage, and act on the issues that matter most to them. 

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The FiscalNote Story

While working in government, Tim Hwang noticed that getting access to easily consumable legislative and regulatory activity -- whether at the local, state, or federal level -- was challenging. By harnessing modern technology such as machine learning and natural language processing, Tim knew he could bring clarity to these unstructured and disparate government data sources, ultimately helping people and organizations better understand and act on the issues that mattered to them.

In June 2013, Tim and childhood friends Gerald Yao and Jonathan Chen flew from Maryland to Silicon Valley, spending the summer working out of a Motel 6, with the goal of transforming Tim’s idea into reality. A few months later, the three returned to the east coast with investment capital -- and validation -- from Mark Cuban, Jerry Yang, and New Enterprise Associates (NEA) to take that idea and build a company. FiscalNote was born.

Since then, we’ve believed that leveraging technology is the key to providing transparency into the policy, people, and geopolitics shaping today’s world. That guiding principle was just as true in 2013 as it is today. Our technology sustains products and services that power more than 5,000 clients around the world -- from small nonprofits to government agencies to large corporations (including more than half of the Fortune 100) -- with patented technology, expert analysis, and AI-powered data. Although our team and products have evolved significantly over time, we’ve never wavered from our north star to deliver novel, innovative, and compelling solutions to meet today’s most pressing challenges.

At FiscalNote, we acknowledge that the reason we’re the #1 most trusted and secure solution for policymaking is because of the people behind the products. Meet the innovative leaders and experienced advisors guiding us toward fast growth and success. 

Beyond the Products: FiscalNote Executive Institute (FNEI)

Rooted in a spirit of innovation and relevance, FiscalNote launched the FiscalNote Executive Institute, a program that brings together leading global companies to discuss, examine, define and promote best practices across thought leadership; and helps to advance collaboration through sharing of ideas, guidance and experiences. This community is designed to connect leaders from across industries and continents to network and collaborate with their peers, maximize their effectiveness as leaders, and tackle the world’s most pressing issues as they apply to business and government. 

In combining creativity, innovation, learning and inclusion best practices into FiscalNote’s everyday business structure, the organization has cultivated a culture that makes FiscalNote more than a job.

FiscalNote Awards

Since its inception, FiscalNote has leveraged technology to empower clients with the information and tools they need to navigate the policy landscape. We foster a spirit of innovation through a dedicated investment in our team, technology and our research, and we are proud of the recognition we've received as a result.

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