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The Premier Hub for Global Policy & Market Intelligence

  • FiscalNote Policy

  • FiscalNote Policy
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In a world of uncertainty, FiscalNote provides mission-critical insights so you can take action
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FiscalNote Policy

Whether you’re a policymaker or policy shaker, these solutions help you act on issues that matter most to you.

Stay ahead of Critical Legislative and Regulatory Changes

Monitor Government Activities from Local to Global Levels

  • Your first line of defense to quickly and easily find out what’s happening on the issues that matter.

  • Find, contact, and manage the stakeholders you need, fast.

  • Keep critical issues organized so you can collaborate and take action.

Woman looking at a tablet at an office
CQ dashboard

CQ is the only provider connecting deep archival data with legislative tracking, and nonpartisan, award-winning news and analysis.

Act Fast on the Issues that Matter Most

Harness the Power of the only AI-driven Multi-Channel Advocacy Software

  • Mobilize your advocates to rapidly respond to critical issues in multiple ways.
  • Amplify your message to lawmakers and supporters.
  • Show the bottom-line value of your digital advocacy work.

VoterVoice is just one of our advocacy products to help you influence the policy that matters.

Build Better Constituent Relationships

Strengthen Ties Between the Electorate and Lawmakers with One Powerful Solution

  • Streamline and centralize constituent communications and casework.
  • Automate policy and issue tracking at federal, state, and local levels.
  • Access floor transcripts, web design, and virtual town halls.

Strengthen ties between constituents and their governments with Fireside.

FiscalNote Global Intelligence

Mitigate global risks and make informed decisions with comprehensive geopolitical, security, and market intelligence.

Stay Ahead of Geopolitical & Market Risk

Proactively Identify, Monitor, and Mitigate Threats While Uncovering Opportunities

  • Rigorous methodologies bring you relied upon independent analysis from a network of over 1,500 global experts.

Oxford Analytica is just one of our Geopolitical & Market intelligence products empowering clients to navigate complex markets.

Get ESG Smart

Achieve your Organization’s ESG Goals through Best-in-class Intelligence and Expertise

  • Separate the signal from the noise when it comes to the global ESG landscape.
  • Access a confidential vendor-free peer community for exclusive insights.

Achieve your organization’s ESG goals through technology and expertise.

FiscalNote Data & AI

Transform your data to fuel improved analytics, decision making, and predictive modeling.

Transform Your Unstructured Data

Accelerate Analytics, Decision-Making Predictive Modeling for a winning business strategy

  • Extract value and insights from accessing billions of datasets.

  • Identify and label images, videos, data and more through AI and machine learning.

  • Transcribe and analyze every word spoken by public figures - finding trends correlations, patterns, and outliers in information.

Aicel extracts value and insight from unique alpha capturing datasets to drive your most important business decisions.

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