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with FiscalNote is a unique combination of technology, services, and expertise you won't find anywhere else.

What advocacy professionals care about

It’s about more than just messages sent or funds raised. Is your base taking action for you? How many advocates or potential new advocates are aware of your efforts? How many new members have you recruited into your grassroots efforts? Finally, if you don’t know what happened and are unable to quantify your results, how do you know what impact you had?

Part of a comprehensive strategy

FiscalNote solutions empower organizations of all sizes to easily adapt their advocacy capabilities for the information age. Success in digital advocacy boils down to being able to execute on campaigns and activities, then measure the impact you’ve had on organizational goals and the passing of legislation. We take many of the things you’re already doing and connect them in a way that’s more focused on results.

Tools for getting started, or for expanding your activities

Whether you’re a seasoned advocacy professional or you’re just getting started, FiscalNote Advocacy has the solutions you need to take your advocacy initiatives to the next level. We enable you to launch successful strategies or build upon what’s already working for you and your organization.

FiscalNote Thinks About Campaigns from Start to Finish

Mobilize: Drive your base to take action and support your organization’s position.

Educate: Inform supporters on your issue and how it affects them.

Recruit: Enlist new voices to support your cause.

Measure: Quantify your results, demonstrate your impact, and improve future efforts.

  • A comprehensive digital advocacy solution to help you organize your stakeholders and amplify your message

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Who's using it

Selected Clients

Space Exploration Technologies
Goodwill Industries International
alzheimer's association
World Vision
American Medical Association
Printing Industries of America

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