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solutions at FiscalNote give you a 360 degree action plan to move the needle on your issues fast, with targeted campaigns.
FiscalNote Advocacy Professional

The only fully-comprehensive advocacy solution available

Any advocacy software will let you engage grassroots advocates to take action. But only one provider gives you a three-pronged approach to your advocacy campaigns.

Mobilize your supporters to message lawmakers in multiple ways through our flagship product VoterVoice, while simultaneously finding new advocates where you’re thin on the ground with our Advocate Acquisition program. Then, reach the legislators that matter with an advocacy media advertising package from Roll Call.

That comprehensive approach is why 2,400 advocacy clients trust us with their most important campaigns!


FiscalNote's VoterVoice Demo Laptop and Desktop

Show Your Advocacy ROI

We know it’s essential to be able to showcase the bottom line value of your digital advocacy efforts.

That’s why we created VoterVoice Insights, the only advocacy reporting solution of its kind. Not only can you gauge success by comparing your performance against industry benchmarks, but you can increase support by following intelligent prompts suggesting ways to improve open and action rates. We even alert you when your performance falls below certain thresholds.

Lastly, VoterVoice Insights makes it easy to showcase results. Real-time dashboards feature interactive visualizations that clearly show how you’ve made a difference. And professionally designed reports means it only takes a click to share your impact with members or your Board of Directors!”


“Now we have the ability to elevate advocacy from just a localized, siloed activity. We’re creating partnerships.”

Julie Eller, Director of Patient Centered Strategies at the Arthritis Foundation

Advocacy Testimonial Arth

“I needed something that would do both the tracking of the legislation and the online advocacy. I talked to other vendors but it became really clear that [FiscalNote] had both tools that I needed.”

Libby Post, Executive Director at the New York State Animal Protection Federation

Adovcacy Testimonial Nycanimal

Discover what’s happening, stay on top of the updates, and plan your strategy for action and communication.

FiscalNote is the only solution that lets you manage your policy issues from gavel to gavel - all in once place.

  • Bring your issues management to the next level with the FiscalNote platform. Track policy at local, state, federal and global levels, manage every interaction your organization has with stakeholders, and give your team maximum efficiency with collaboration and workflow tools so everyone is aware and on the same page.

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See why 5,000+ organizations trust FiscalNote, CQ, Roll Call, Oxford Analytica & VoterVoice

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