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Grassroots Advocacy

| Make an impact at every level of government.
FiscalNote Advocacy Professional

From issues to impact

Take action on the legislation and regulation that matters to you. VoterVoice is the most comprehensive digital advocacy solution on the market.

Amplifying your concerns doesn’t have to be costly, difficult, or staff intensive. A highly flexible platform with many integrations and an open API, VoterVoice meets the needs of both small groups and large organizations with complex operations.

FiscalNote's VoterVoice Demo Laptop and Desktop

Simple but powerful features

Being able to show your organization the bottom-line value of your digital advocacy work is essential.

That could be the economic dollars you saved, the impact you had on member renewals, or the funding you won for your nonprofit through the passing or stopping of legislation or regulations. Sharing those metrics is essential to your progress.

With the right tools and dashboards from FiscalNote's advocacy solutions, you can measure the impact you’ve had on organizational goals and deliver those reports so everyone knows how valuable you and your team are.


Timely, easy advocacy

Set up and launch campaigns in as little as five to 10 minutes. With our streamlined interface, your supporters are alerted to the issue, matched to their correct elected officials, and guided through the message sending process in just seconds.

VoterVoice allows you to focus your efforts on the key players and make an impact — fast.


The most effective campaigns

We alert you when your email open rate falls below industry average and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to recommend email copy changes and improve results.

AI also helps you understand which topics are of greatest interest to your supporters.

Tools for ongoing engagement

We know that advocacy is a year-round job. Complement campaigns with newsletters and petitions so your base is ready to act the next time legislation is on the table. Our platform shows you which geographic areas and supporters are attentive to your message, helping you focus your efforts where they’ll make a difference.


“We had over 850,000 messages to Congress, which is huge for us. [Before Voter Voice,] it took us almost two years to hit those types of numbers. We gained over 235,000 new advocates with this campaign.”

Credit Union National Association

CUNA testimonial

“Without FiscalNote’s advocacy tools, we would not have been able to get our message out. Our members and the public could make their voices heard in 30 seconds. We would not have had the same response rate if it wasn’t for how easy it was.”


UNCF testimonial 1

Tools you won’t find anywhere else

Any digital advocacy software will help you run campaigns — But only one provider leverages a 360° approach to ensure your voice is heard.

  • Depend on alerts to track relevant policy at local, state, and federal levels and prioritize issues. Collaborative tools help you keep comprehensive records and manage interactions with stakeholders.

    Learn more about our policy monitoring solutions

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