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Public Policy and Issues Management

The most comprehensive AI-driven global, federal, state, and local monitoring solution on the planet.

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100% of US Federal Agencies

rely on FiscalNote’s policy management solution every day.

Save 3+ hours a week

on average, otherwise spent searching for policy and stakeholder information.

25 of top Fortune 50

companies rely on FiscalNote's AI-driven policy monitoring solutions.

How Our Products Help You

Take action on global policy.

  • Tap into the largest set of policy data with coverage across the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

  • Spot global policy trends and engage with the key stakeholders in your primary markets.

  • Unify all the work being done across global offices in centralized workspaces.

Get ahead of the EU policy landscape.

  • Identify risks stemming from initiatives across the Commission, Council, Parliament, and other agencies.

  • Receive targeted alerts and clear, concise updates from our team of experts on-the-ground in Brussels.

Know what's happening in local U.S. government.

  • Get ahead of policy changes for 12,000+ cities and counties and 4,000+ school districts.

  • Centralize meetings and agendas across local committees, and councils in a customized dashboard.

  • Save time and automatically get insights on the key local issues impacting your organization.

Expand and customize your teams’ efforts.

  • Exceed your organization’s goals with our in-house policy analysts, working as an extension of your team.

  • Receive tailored insights, such as custom briefs, analysis, and reports, based on your specific needs.

Keep your PAC on track with an all-in-one solution.

  • Grow and manage funds for campaigns, ballot initiatives, or legislation.

  • Stay compliant with easy tools for filing reports with the FEC and in nearly every state.

  • Micro-target supporters based on any parameters you have.

Keep Your Policy, Stakeholder, and Issues Management Data Organized

One place. One powerful policy data solution. Never. Miss. A. Beat.

Capabilities & Features

Centralized Dashboards

Increase efficiencies by keeping policy data, notes, contacts, files, news and more in one place.

News & Analysis

Fast, reliable news and analysis from sources that never leave you second-guessing.

Visualizations and Reports

Comprehensive reports with visualizations highlighting policy developments, team activity, and more.

Extension of Your Team

Increase bandwidth with policy analysts triaging the vast array of policy information on your behalf.

Stakeholder Management

Navigate how you assess, manage, gain insights, and engage with respective stakeholders.

Hands-On Support

Set yourself up for success with dedicated support for Account Management and Customer Success teams.

Empowering the World's Leading Organizations

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