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Public sector: How to safeguard critical supply chains

How to safeguard critical supply chains in the public sector

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Supply chain risk has become a prominent concern for the public sector, reflecting the evolving technological and geopolitical landscape. This heightened awareness underscores the critical need for forward-looking intelligence to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate disruptions in supply chains vital to economic and national security.

Unlike the private sector, the public sector faces unique challenges, including navigating complex procurement laws and regulatory frameworks, which can impede swift supplier changes.

In this white paper, "Public sector: How to safeguard critical supply chains", we delve into the intricacies of managing supply chain risks within the public sector and explore several key aspects, including the evolving risk landscape and the potential impacts of disruptions, the limitations of traditional monitoring methods, and the emergence of new technology solutions facilitating timely risk alerts across intricate supply networks.

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