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AI-Driven Intelligence

Transforming your data to fuel improved analytics, decision making, and predictive modeling.

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  • S&P Global
  • Kaist
  • Samsung
  • NHN

56% savings in operations costs

Get higher accuracy levels at a lower price.

50% time reduction

Optimize resources that go into sourcing, preparing, and managing data.

96% AI-assisted accuracy

Less human input means less human error.

How Our Products Help You

Accelerate data-driven decisions

  • Extract insights from unstructured data in news, social media, corporate filings, and transcripts, and see how it affects brands, products, services, companies, and people.

  • Get alternative data for institutional investors including consumer transactions, trade, machine-readable news, sentiment analysis, and more.

Accelerate Your Data Driven Decisions

Enabling businesses and financial institutions to transform unstructured data into insights.

Features and Capabilities

Comprehensive Intelligence

Key events, relationships, and activities associated with millions of companies, augmented and measured against a rich library of AI generated scores.

Depth of Data

Billions of data points extracted and calculated from 100 million + documents for fidelity, breadth, and coverage.

Customized Environment

Bespoke services catering to your unique needs monitored by experienced data professionals.

Licensed APIs

Transcripts and earnings calls data that lives in your environment

News Pulse

Immediately detect when and why news coverage for any company on the main U.S. exchanges has deviated from its baseline hourly news norm.

Dynamic Ecosystem

Continuous adaptation to a changing world by an intelligence environment that’s updated daily with new data points.

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