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FiscalNote Copilot

for Global Intelligence

The trusted, expert analysis you need, when you need it, faster than ever before.


Copilot insights are based on:

1,500+ experts

delivering local and global insights daily so you can stay ahead of the curve.

50,000+ reports

offering geopolitical, market, and security intelligence tailored to your needs.

18,000+ risk ratings

anticipating and evaluating the critical threats facing your business.

Expert Insights, powered by AI

Quick access to relevant analysis and summaries delivered with AI.

Comprehensive Coverage

Gain macroeconomic, geopolitical and security analysis, from sources trusted by 9,000+ users per week.

Connect the Dots

Understand how different scenarios can impact your business, from shifting market dynamics to security risks to evolving geopolitics.

Save Time

Receive the expert analysis you need with focused answers to complex questions, instantaneously.

Drive Efficiencies

Streamline team resources via quick and efficient access to key research and analysis.

Intuitive Chat Format

Simply type a question to receive insights from across all of our analyses.

Copilot for Global Intelligence uses generative AI to bring you curated analysis in seconds.

Copilot for Global Intelligence

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FiscalNote Copilot for Global Intelligence combines the expert analysis our customers trust with powerful AI to do the heavy lifting for you.

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