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FiscalNote Global Intelligence

FiscalNote Risk Connector

The only solution surfacing 3rd, 4th, and 5th party threats to your business.

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Risk Connector is the premier supply chain solution for revealing operational, relational, and reputational risk.

Coverage from all sides

Closely monitor risks of all types, from regulatory issues, emerging competitors, data privacy breaches, and more.

Monitor all risk types

Smart sentiment tracking

Track discussions and identify negative sentiment about your business that differ from those about your industry peers.

track and identify negative sentiment

Personalized data

Gather targeted intelligence and refine your risk management strategy by customizing the types and scoring of risks surfaced.

Protect your business with Risk Connector.
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Empowering the World's Leading Organizations

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Map, understand, and mitigate your supply chain risks with Risk Connector.

Combining the power of data-led AI models and dedicated expert analysis, Risk Connector is the premier capability for revealing operational, relational, and reputational risk.

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