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FiscalNote State

allows organizations to monitor state legislation and regulations. Learn how FiscalNote can help you manage your state-level issues!
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How it works

  • Gain access to the information that matters most

    With FiscalNote State, you won’t have to search through multiple online state registers to stay on top of developments that impact your organization.

    Use our tool, that leverages technology that houses 10-20 years of legislative and regulatory data and 1.4 million bills, to be proactively alerted to legislation and regulation that impacts you from all 50 states, DC, and Puerto Rico including bills, research reports, committees, hearings, voting records, and state executive orders!


    State Legislative Tracking
  • Search, filter, and find what you’re looking for

    FiscalNote State offers text search and filtering options to find exactly what you’re looking for. Our platform allows you to label pertinent rules with convenient nicknames, and get email alerts delivered to your inbox a relevant legislation or regulation is introduced or updated.

    Compare bill versions, perform real-time legislative research, and leverage pre-built reports & visualizations that simplify your life.

    Simplify your life with FiscalNote State.

    Search Congressional Bills
  • Reinvent legislator influence via analytics

    Use FiscalNote to identify champions and new advocates by leveraging legislator data and analytics such as effectiveness, scores, ideologies, and voting similarity. Expand your reach with official social media profiles for state legislators and educate and engage key stakeholders on issues by targeting outreach by party affiliation, committee membership, and chamber.

    Legislator Outreach with FiscalNote State

Ready to see for yourself?

Who's using it

Over 2,000 clients use FiscalNote to track state data, including:

Executive Office of the President

Ready to see for yourself?

Learn how FiscalNote can help you manage your state-level issues.