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make FiscalNote the #1 solution for keeping your team and stakeholders aligned and on track to achieving your issues management goals.
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Get Visibility Into Your Team Activities

You need oversight at a glance into your team’s efforts wherever they are in the world, or wherever the action is happening. That way you can measure success on an issue, understand its impact on your ROI, and keep everyone on the same message.

With FiscalNote’s premier collaboration and workflow tool, your team can easily share policy updates, strategy developments, and issue status changes in one platform for everyone to see. And you can monitor progress and results by zooming out to see the big picture, or by focusing all the way down to a single individual's engagement with a stakeholder.


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Track, Measure, and Report Team Performance — Easily

Demonstrating your team’s impact internally and externally with a record of the actions you took to drive outcomes and the metrics to back it up is critical to your success.

With FiscalNote’s easy-to-use reporting capabilities you can share what your entire countrywide or global team is accomplishing, while gaining drilled down insights into every action taken. That shows your department's value to the people in your organization who matter.


"[FiscalNote] helped connect global team members and move them toward a common goal. It gives real-time visibility and allows my team to self-serve."

Molly Fogarty, Nestle Senior Vice President of Corporate and Government Affairs

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“Whether it’s issue development or a directory of legislators and officials, or tools for collaboration, it’s all there. We like being able to filter by issue subject, priority, and review trends across the country.”

Justin Wiley, Vice President of Government Relations at ICC

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Manage all your issues, stakeholders, and team’s efficiency in one place to drive the best results.

Collaborate on strategy, manage stakeholders, and monitor policy with the best tools available at local, state, federal, and global levels.

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    Sifting through bill introduction alerts, identifying relevant bills, and monitoring them can be time consuming. FiscalNote’s Policy Analysis & Reporting service gives you a dedicated consultant to triage and summarize the information you want — freeing up your time and ensuring you don’t miss any important legislation or regulations.

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