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Peer Insights

When you need unbiased peer insights and a network you can trust, our communities for strategic leaders have you covered.

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  • Intel

Unbiased insights

No vendors and no selling allowed. Get honest answers from people without an agenda to push.

Trusted peers

Every member is a true peer who understands and can help with your challenges and key initiatives.

Simple and efficient

Built for busy leaders, membership saves you time on research, benchmarking, and decision-making.

How our products help you

Join a supportive peer community.

  • For leaders of ESG, CSR, DEI, social media, data strategy, privacy, talent marketing, and more.

  • Honest feedback and assistance from experienced peers. No vendors allowed.

  • True peer-to-peer exchanges to help you overcome obstacles and reach your goals.

Advance conversion with our thought leadership community.

  • Put your organization front and center with bold thinking and creative problem-solving.

  • Collaborate among senior leaders about the most pressing issues for your organization.

  • Gain access to exclusive events, industry insights, and opportunities to expand your network.

A Trusted Community Across Fields

ESG, CSR, DEI, social media, data strategy, privacy, talent marketing, and more.

Capabilities & Features

No Vendors

You’ll never have to question the motives behind the insights. No vendors and no selling allowed.

Senior Leaders and Big Companies Only

Members understand the challenges you face and are ready to help.

Confidential Conversations

Get the full story of what actually works (and what doesn’t) that you won’t hear from other sources.

Professionally Managed by Expert Advisors

Dedicated support for you and your team that doesn’t stop until you have the answers and insights you need.

Fast, On-Demand Service

Expect timely insights in hours or days, not weeks or months like other groups. We’re always here for you.

Breaking News Alerts

Members alert each other to breaking news as it happens. If it’s important, you’ll hear it here first.

Empowering the World’s Leading Organizations

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