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made easy. Monitor and report on your team’s success with reliable metrics and dashboards.


Over 50% of professionals are tasked with creating reports or briefs for internal stakeholders at least once a month. Save time with FiscalNote’s automated reporting capabilities and generate advanced, professional-looking reports in minutes.

Visualize the policy impacting your organization at home and around the world. Identify, monitor, and report on key legislative and regulatory developments in the US and beyond, and easily share your insights with impacted stakeholders.



Map stakeholders, track engagements, and report on progress with FiscalNote. Quickly pull a report highlighting your team’s latest actions, which stakeholders were involved, and the issues being prioritized.

This helps your team demonstrate the value of the work they’re doing and more strategically plan for the future.



Measure your team’s effectiveness by issue. Seamlessly create reports or briefs highlighting policy trends, key stakeholders, financial impacts, team activity, and more. Get a holistic view of your priority issues with the click of a button.


Create customized, automated reports across key policy developments, high-priority issues, and team activity - within minutes.

Identify global policy trends, monitor engagements with influential stakeholders, and measure your team’s ROI with FiscalNote’s advanced reporting capabilities.

  • FiscalNote product dashboard

    Bring your issues management to the next level with the FiscalNote platform. Track policy at local, state, federal and global levels, manage every interaction your organization has with stakeholders, and give your team maximum efficiency with collaboration and workflow tools so everyone is aware and on the same page.

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  • FiscalNote dashboard of a policy landscape map for autonomous Vehicle Bills

  • FiscalNote webapp dashboard zoomed in on contacts

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