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State Sessions Toolkit: The Ultimate Guide to 2024 State Legislative Sessions

In the dynamic world of state politics, staying informed and engaged is paramount, especially during an election year. This toolkit is your all-in-one guide to successfully navigating the intricate landscape of state policymaking, elections, and legislative processes.

The 2024 State Legislative Sessions Calendar

Tracking legislation across all 50 states and D.C. is no easy task but we help you make it more manageable. We compiled the convene and adjourn dates for all state legislative sessions in this free and handy download.

Download the 2024 state legislative sessions calendar to help you achieve your goals during this exciting and busy time of year. And keep coming back to this page as we continue to update the calendar throughout the fall.

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The Biggest Issues Facing State Legislators in 2024

With the presidential election slated for Nov. 5, 2024, the political landscape is poised for significant shifts. Given the significance of these elections, the activity surrounding the 2024 elections shapes public conversations and affects state lawmaking sessions. And while state lawmakers in 2024 will still contend with their most prominent responsibilities — budget, education, and healthcare — they’re expected to discuss a few other major issues. We break down those issues and what you can expect.

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Webinar: Navigating State Sessions: Key Issues & Best Practices for 2024

Watch our recent webinar to hear industry experts discuss the top policy issues, challenges, and opportunities coming up at the state level next year that you should be aware of. They’ll discuss which states and topics your organization should keep an eye on, actionable tips for building strong relationships with legislators, and much more.

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Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Filing Before the 2024 State Sessions

As the year winds down, not all states have hit the pause button. While the majority have indeed adjourned or entered recess until 2024, a few states remain in perpetual motion. And even those seemingly at rest are quietly bustling with pre-filing, giving lawmakers — and government affairs pros — a chance to seize a head start.

So, if you thought the fall of an off-election year would be quiet, think again. There’s still plenty for state policymakers to do in the last few months of 2023, which means plenty of opportunities for your organization to get your issues on the agenda for next year’s sessions. Here’s an overview of what you need to know about pre-filing, legislative session dates, and more.

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Navigating State Legislative Timelines: Deadlines and Effectivity Dates You Need to Know

Grab your copy of the gubernatorial action deadlines and bill effectivity dates for all 50 U.S. states, along with Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

Stay ahead of legislative timelines and effectively plan your lobbying and advocacy efforts. Gain a thorough understanding of the key dates that shape the legislative landscape, enabling you to strategically navigate the complex realm of state politics and policymaking.

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How to Effectively Track State Legislation and Regulations

Talk to people who have been asked to track bills at the state level and the stories that emerge are similar. There’s usually some mild panic, as images of grade-school civics class and School House Rock bubble up. Then, the search for resources begins with the realization that there’s a heavy learning process ahead. Read on to learn about the legislative process and best practices for tracking state legislation.

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How to Create a Successful State Government Affairs Strategy

We spoke to pros and experts to bring you their reasons why you can and should have a state advocacy strategy to get action going beyond D.C. They share why you should pursue a state advocacy strategy, how federal and state advocacy are different, and tips for advocating at the state level.

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