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Seizing Opportunity in Change: Public Affairs in the 2024 EU Elections

This whitepaper offers strategic insights from experts on making the most of an election year, offering practical advice for EU and global public affairs professionals to shape and advance their organizations' interests.

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In the rapidly changing realm of politics, election years play a pivotal role in shaping public affairs. Upcoming elections within the EU carry immense significance, determining the collective future of policies, regulations, and legislation across Europe.

These elections provide unprecedented opportunities to engage with decision-makers, influence policy-making, and advocate effectively for your organizations or clients.

Download our latest whitepaper with insights for creating opportunities in EU public affairs during this election year, featuring:

  • Daniela Vancic, european program manager at Democracy International
  • Sebastián Rodríguez, campaign strategist and founder, European Campaign Playbook
  • Geraint Edwards, managing director of FiscalNote in Europe
  • Anita Zagulska, policy analyst of institutional affairs at FiscalNote EU Issue Tracker
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