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2023 Look Ahead: 25 Topics to Watch in Local Governments This Year

A look at the trends for 2023 around the hottest topics in local government.

Curate local government trendspotting

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Knowing which policy issues are gaining momentum in local governments around the country can help you prioritize your efforts and prepare for the future.

In this report, we look at how five major policy issues often discussed in national politics play out in local governments to identify potential topics for government affairs teams to watch. The report data is sourced from the Curate database, which includes weekly meeting minutes and agenda documents from more than 12,000 cities, counties, and districts; more than 4,000 school boards; and more than 200 state boards.

Fill out the form to find out what the hottest topics are for 2023, examine how frequently they appear in local government discussions, and note whether they're on the rise or decline, thanks to the new Trends feature from Curate.

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