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Krystal Putman-Garcia

Vice President, Marketing & GM of Advocacy

Krystal oversees marketing across FiscalNote, including branding, content, demand generation, PR/events, and product marketing. She brings 15+ years of diversified marketing, branding, and business development experience across both enterprise organizations and startups. Before joining FiscalNote, Krystal ran a demand generation team of 50+ employees at EAB (a spin out of the Advisory Board). Prior to that, she was VP of Marketing at Localist in Silver Spring, ran Marketing for PBS' education division, and has had a variety of roles in previous Marketing departments at Discovery Communications, TrustArc, BearingPoint, and CEB. She has an MBA from Michigan and a B.S. from Tulane.

When not scaling growth at FiscalNote, Krystal enjoys running, traveling anywhere, eating chocolate chip cookies, daily crossword puzzles and sudokus, and spending time with her 3 small kids. Fun fact about Krystal - she is an identical twin and has a set of twins.

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