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Combining Your State and Local Tracking With Grassroots Advocacy to Deliver Better Results

by Content Team, FiscalNote

Learn how to fully integrate your state and local legislative tracking software needs and grassroots advocacy work in one place so you can work smarter.

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With state legislatures reconvening across the country, the flurry of legislative activity and advocating for your issues is picking up expeditiously.

But despite these troubled and hectic times, there also lies opportunity. To champion your organization and its causes, to show your value to members and clients, and maybe most of all to show that you deserve the seat at the table you likely now find yourself having. 

That’s never been more true than at the state level. Members of Congress are more open to hearing about the business concerns of constituents, statehouses are delaying closing or are reconvening to pass COVID-19 related laws, and local municipalities and mayoral districts are playing a more central role in the practical running of their states. Find out how legislative tracking software, paired with grassroots advocacy, can help.

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That’s a lot of lawmaking and advocating and lobbying coming to a head like never before in the states. 

Luckily you don’t have to take on tracking the policy at state, local and federal, advocating for your organization, and engaging and showing value to your members all on your own. 

FiscalNote is here to give you a holistic view of all the state and local legislative activity at your fingertips and let your team communicate policy information about bills and regulations to large groups of stakeholders while engaging them to deliver targeted, personalized messaging to lawmakers on your behalf.

Here’s how you can fully integrate your state legislative tracking needs and grassroots advocacy work in one place so you can work smarter and shine.

Complete Statewide Visibility

The sheer volume and complexity of state and local legislation make it difficult to demonstrate to internal and external stakeholders the amount of work that you’re doing as well as where your efforts and resources are focused. With 1,305 COVID-19 related bills introduced across the states and $2.62T tied up in appropriations, having complete statewide visibility is critical to the success of your organization. 

Businesses, trade associations, and nonprofits need to regularly communicate updates on key public policy issues that affect their organizations to their leadership, members, or advocates. Oftentimes, this information is shared via lengthy documents or static web pages that can be burdensome to read and are quickly out of date.

FiscalNote’s Government Policy Map embeds a sleek, customizable dashboard on your organization’s internal or external facing website to keep everyone informed and aligned. All of your state bills, rules, actions, and notes are uploaded automatically and are visible for your team and membership to see. 

The policy map is updated in real-time, so you never have to worry about sharing outdated information. FiscalNote allows your stakeholders to be quickly and easily made aware of the government policies that impact your organization on a daily basis. 

With our map, your team can communicate policy information to a large group of stakeholders outside of your organization and inform your members of the work that you’re doing as well as how to become involved in your advocacy efforts. 

Activate Stakeholders from Your Advocacy Action Center

FiscalNote allows teams to display your top priority bills to advocates on your action center. Using FiscalNote’s advocacy tools to create your action center and combining your customized policy map, your stakeholders will be able to see in one single view the opportunities and risks you have to advocate for at the federal, state, and local levels. This gives you a powerful visual tool to inspire grassroots supporters to make their voices heard with legislators. 

With your action center’s targeted outreach tools, your team can engage supporters via email, text, petition, social or push notification to drive them to take action to support or oppose legislation at every level. 

Combining your state legislative work with your advocacy efforts in one dashboard gives your team a complete look at what is going on across the states and effectively communicates to your stakeholder network how they can advance your legislative and regulatory agenda. 

If you would like to see the full landscape of what COVID-19 legislation is happening across the country click here to request a demo of FiscalNote State. 


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