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How Technology Can Help You Stay on Top of the Appropriations Cycle

by Content Team, FiscalNote

Four ways technology can help government affairs teams navigate the appropriations cycle and make sure their agenda and issues are represented fairly.

Every year, the federal budget and appropriations process remains an opaque and highly complicated task for even the most seasoned government and public affairs practitioners. This is a part of the government’s processes that is difficult to understand and still, many professionals find themselves diving in without much assistance. At the same time, organizations across the country are trying to advocate for what they believe to be the precise and necessary levels of spending for all discretionary programs. This causes even more amendments and riders to be added to major budget bills and debated just to keep constituents happy. 

While the government will always fund itself, how and when it will do it remains a mystery every year. Nevertheless, government affairs teams have to make sure their public policy agenda and issues are represented fairly in the dollars and cents. 

FiscalNote and CQ Roll Call provide a modernized approach to monitoring the budget and appropriations process by allowing teams to stay proactive instead of reactive, and to take control of their strategy before it gets dictated to them by the yearly funding saga.

Here are four ways you can take control and navigate the appropriations cycle by leveraging FiscalNote and CQ Roll Call’s cutting-edge technology and expert news and analysis.

Stay Ahead of the Curve With Frequent Updates

It’s never been easier to pinpoint the language you need from a House or Senate bill and to follow the budget and appropriations process with technology. Through customized alerts delivered right to your inbox, FiscalNote and CQ Federal can provide updates on bills important to you when action occurs on hearings, markups, new amendments, added co-sponsors, and much more. Any time a change occurs to a bill you’re following, you will be notified. Follow your budget and appropriations bills in real-time as they travel through Congress.

By investing in technology to monitor these changes, your team will be provided with a first-hand look at amendments to the bills you care about — including draft legislation – often before they’ve been acted on in committee, or on the floor. FiscalNote and CQ Federal unearth committee and floor amendments by bill number, date, and committee and sponsor information before a bill even drops and allow your team to follow the entire life cycle of each of the 12 budget bills that must be passed by subcommittee. 

Plus, if you want information around specific legislators, such as any time they’re mentioned in the news or are speaking on the floor, your team is able to set keyword alerts that will notify you of any mention or change to their bill and the committees they sit on.

See the Full Picture: Follow the Money and Read the Facts

Government and public affairs teams are tasked with monitoring a highly complex and multi-faceted appropriations process. With CQ Roll Call’s award-winning news and in-depth coverage and analysis on Fiscal 2021 Budget and Appropriations, your team no longer has to chase down finding the answers to the questions your executive team has tasked you with finding that could be detrimental to your organization’s funding.

Our news and analysis content goes deep inside each bill and package to give you a clear and holistic perspective on how things are being shaped, who is shaping it, and how the process could affect your interests.

You can also customize what news you receive each day to really drill down into a specific bill, committee, or subcommittee and cut out the extraneous information that slows you down. 

Even better, with CQ Roll Call’s “follow the money” coverage you can drill down to all 12 spending bills to see where every dollar is being dispersed.

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Harness the Power of Advocacy to Hold Stakeholders Accountable

Fighting to make sure your industry is protected in the federal budgeting and appropriations process can be all-consuming. On top of that, organizations simply cannot do their jobs and protect their members if funding is not coming in, or if components to the budget and appropriations process do not fairly represent their public policy interests. 

Activating your grassroots and grasstops networks to let Congress know why your industry needs to be included in funding measures and be protected may be a necessary strategy for you to rely on FiscalNote and CQ Roll Call’s suite of advocacy products make it easy for your advocates and industry to let their voice be heard and directly to elected officials about why and how the appropriations process can affect them and their livelihoods.

FiscalNote and CQ Roll Call have the tools and features a government relations team needs to educate, engage, mobilize, and grow a community of grassroots advocates to fight for funding at the federal level.

Collaborate With Your Team No Matter Where You Are

With such a complicated appropriations cycle process, and as teams are spread out across the country – now largely remote due to COVID-19 – being able to work in the same place, stay on the same page, and know how much progress has been made with key stakeholders is critical to the success of a modernized government and public affairs team.

FiscalNote’s collaboration and workflow tools allow teams to seamlessly react, strategize and notify each other of the work that they have done, important stakeholders they have liaised with, and store critical information such as documents, talking points, and memos all in one online place for on-demand, on-the-go work. FiscalNote’s mobile app for iOS and Android devices also allows government and public affairs professionals to monitor the appropriation cycle away from their desks and actually take their work with them if they need to meet and get into contact with external stakeholders.

By investing in a technology solution, teams are able to dedicate less time to keeping track of essential spending bills in the appropriations process and more in engaging the decision-makers instead of constantly searching for a lost email or spreadsheet.

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