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April 2019 Product Updates

FiscalNote is always working to improve our product offerings. Here are the latest updates.

Improved alerts on non-English language bills

When you create Discovery Alerts for bills from non-English-speaking countries, you can now type the search terms in English and the platform translates from English to the native language of the bill’s origin. Additionally, the platform shows you the translation of each word (or phrase).

Hourly updates on committee hearings

Committees hearings often change the time or location with little to no warning. With hourly updates, you’ll always know where to go to and when to be there.

Combine labels

Labels are one of the most popular features of the FiscalNote platform. But what do you do when you want to update or combine old labels that you used into a new one? The new “merge labels” function lets you do just that, keeping your data clean and saving you time.

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