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The Top Policy Issues in the 15 Busiest States This Year

FiscalNote State’s 15 state snapshot: your guide to the top policy issues in the 15 busiest states this year.

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While much of the attention is centered on Capitol Hill, most legislation is actually introduced and enacted in the states each year — and in a much more compressed time frame.

In the 2020 legislative sessions, the combined statehouses across the United States introduced more than 130,000 bills and enacted over 22,000 of them.

In this report you’ll find:

  • A breakdown of 15 states with the most bills introduced this legislative session
  • The hottest 5 topics of each state and topics trending towards the top
  • The most tracked bill and the most viewed bill in FiscalNote State for each of the 15 states
  • How to navigate FiscalNote to find these numbers yourself
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