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On-Demand: The Next GDPR? Exploring the EU’s Approach to AI Regulation

A discussion on the implications of the EU's groundbreaking AI Act in the context of emerging digital policy nearing elections. Experts, representing industry and policymakers, cover the implications, challenges, and predictions for the EU's digital transition pre and post-elections, as well as its impact around the globe.

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As the EU continues to pave the way toward a digital future, it has become crucial to understand the policies and regulations shaping the digital landscape. Watch this comprehensive webinar on emerging EU digital policy, including cybersecurity, data governance, and the AI Act.

This timely conversation will delve into the intricacies of the European Union's current approach to digital regulation, the recent proposal of the AI Act, and the possible ripple effects worldwide.

Our expert panel discusses:

  • The aims, key provisions, and implications of the groundbreaking AI Act
  • How the AI Act seeks to promote trustworthy and ethical AI while balancing concerns around innovation and economic growth
  • The potential impact of the AI Act and emerging policy - in data governance, cybersecurity, digital services and markets - on business practices, data protection, and consumer rights
  • Ripple effects on global policy and approaches to further digital regulation

Featured Speakers:

  • Gabriele Mazzini, team leader AI Act, CNECT at the European Commission
  • Radu Colonescu, head of EU government affairs & policy at Kyndryl
  • Moderator: Dr. Vlad Eidelman, chief technology officer & chief scientist at FiscalNote
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