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Global Issues Management

is a strategic approach to mitigating the risk, and pursuing the opportunities, arising from public policy.

Big changes don't wait until you're ready for them.

Today, change happens faster than ever—and when it does happen, it can be broad, unclear, and difficult to deal with.

What will you do when a new regulation threatens the bottom line? What about when similar (yet different) bills are proposed in five different jurisdictions? How will you ensure that your Government Affairs, Compliance, Public Affairs, Legal, and Regulatory Affairs teams are all working from the same playbook? How can you track their work?

You need a smarter way to manage the issues that arise from public policy.

Now, organizations around the world are developing new ways to manage the issues that affect them. The challenges are the same, but traditional approaches are too fragmented.

To get this done effectively, these organizations are utilizing data, managing stakeholders, and driving cross-departmental coordination through dedicated issues management software.

From awareness to action, FiscalNote has the answer.

Discover: Get advance notice of regulations, bills, social media posts, or stakeholders that affect your issues.

Plan: Create strategic road maps, including priority setting, planning each action, and selecting KPIs.

Execute: Take action, whether PR, lobbying, grassroots advocacy, and more.

Measure: Demonstrate your success through metrics and regular reports.

See why 5,000+ organizations trust FiscalNote, CQ, Roll Call, Oxford Analytica & VoterVoice

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