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Top Local Policy Issues So Far This Year Across Regions — 2023 Summer Postcards

We look at the top policy trends for local governments so far in 2023 across four U.S. regions. Learn what issues are making an impact and how you can leverage data to stay ahead!

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Imagine receiving a postcard from each U.S. region, revealing the most pressing local policy issues so far this year. This report is your key to understanding the dynamic landscape of emerging policy trends in your region and beyond.

Unveiling the hottest discussions in local government, our report is the result of comprehensive data analysis from FiscalNote's local policy monitoring tool, Curate. By tracking meeting minutes and agendas from over 12,000 local governments across the U.S., we've curated a collection of insights that will help you uncover potential partners, forge key alliances, and effectively plan for issues impacting your organization.

Just like postcards give you a glimpse into different destinations, our report provides a window into various regions. Each postcard showcases the common challenges faced by all regions as well as the unique topics that surfaced in the Northeast, Midwest, South, and West, delving into their significance and implications.

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