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European Employment and Social Affairs Policy in 2023: What's Happening and Why it Matters

by Amelia Zimmerman, FiscalNote

In the wake of COVID-19 and amid digital and green economic transitions, the EU has taken new action in employment and social affairs policy.

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In the wake of a global pandemic and as we navigate two simultaneous economic transitions — digital and sustainability — workers and their employers are facing new pressures and possibilities. The way we work now looks fundamentally different, and the future poses even more disruption and opportunity in the world of labour, employment, and human rights.

In response to these changing times, the European Union is actively developing policies and legislative proposals to build a fairer and more inclusive society. The EU Council and Parliament have adopted several policy measures to address the labour market’s economic burden, skills shortages, and structural changes.

This report outlines the background and context for the EU’s current employment and social affairs policy measures and looks at what’s to come in 2023 and beyond. Fill out the form to read the full report!

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