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The State of Public Affairs: 2021 Industry Report

by Content Team, FiscalNote

An in-depth snapshot of some of the top trends in the government affairs industry and what you need to be prepared for in a continually changing global market.

state of public affairs

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In our State of Public Affairs 2021 Report, we bring you an in-depth snapshot of some of the top trends heading our way this year and what teams and organizations need to be prepared for in a constantly changing global market. We surveyed more than 300 professionals in public affairs, government relations, public policy, corporate and external affairs, and grassroots and advocacy roles, representing every industry in the global economy.

This year we added two new sections to highlight the impact of the novel coronavirus on government and public affairs, and how organizations are prioritizing social justice from within. With political uncertainty, a distributed workforce, instantaneous news cycles, and social media providing direct conduits between the public and organizations, being a leader in the public affairs space has become more challenging than ever before.

From companies in the Fortune 500 list to the largest trade associations and nonprofits, as well as law and lobbying firms, our respondents provided insights into the current state of the public affairs industry and gave their predictions for 2021 and beyond. Respondents had a lot of opinions, and the results are fascinating, informative, and sometimes surprising. Fill out the form to download your copy of the report.

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