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The State of Public Affairs: 2020 Industry Report

by Content Team, FiscalNote

Welcome to the State of Public Affairs 2020 report!

state of public affairs

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Looking for the latest version?
Check out our 2021 State of Public Affairs Industry Report!

More than 600 of you from government relations, public policy, corporate and external affairs, grassroots, and advocacy took part in our recent survey.

We asked 38 questions about the current and future state of your industry.

With more than a quarter of you identifying as part of the C-Suite or executive team at your organizations, we can bring you a comprehensive take on what the direction senior-level folks in the industry expect the road ahead to look like.

This wide-ranging report shows everything that is – and isn't – working in your world.

Download the report for an in-depth look at what teams and organizations are most worried about for 2020, and to see where the demographics of your industry are changing - or not changing.

Notable insights include:

  • 13% of you work remotely
  • 22% are retirement age or over
  • 33% are following 10+ issues
  • 71% say the issues you need to track have increased since you joined your organization

And much, much more.

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