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Transit Agency Breaks Language and Physical Barriers with Technology to Engage Citizens

VIA Metropolitan Transit

San Antionio's mass transit agency leverages technology to break down language and physically barriers, connect with citizens, and include their feedback in their decision-making process, building a successful strategy.

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VIA Metropolitan Transit utilizes Access LiveTM technology to discuss VIA Reimagined, a part of their 2040 Vision plan, to discover what is important to residents and how to improve public transportation for riders all over the San Antonio metro area.

VIA has interacted with nearly 25,700 citizens, giving updates, answering questions, and gathering feedback from participants in order to find out what comes next for mobility in their region. Access Live has made VIA accessible to all residents, whether they choose to participate on the phone or watch the stream on the VIA website or Facebook page. These events are hosted in multiple languages, allowing for both English and Spanish-speaking residents of San Antonio to partake in these conversations. Access Live’s closed-captioning feature also makes attendance possible when sound isn’t an option for audience members.

The Access Live platform allowed us to make new connections with San Antonians who otherwise might not have interacted with us. Especially during the global pandemic, our telephone town halls have allowed us to consistently conduct meaningful two-way conversations.

VIA Metropolitan Transit
Staff Member

VIA events included high-quality video streaming, allowing hosts to join from multiple locations, reaching nearly 1,500 participants online. These video events have also featured ASL interpreters, making them accessible to hearing-impaired residents who wish to take part in the events. Some of the topics discussed include the future of transit in the area, the COVID-19 pandemic, new services, bus routes and times, and more. With Access Live, VIA is able to moderate participant questions, which they can answer throughout the duration of the events.

Examples of questions answered include:

  • Are there any plans for more direct routes?
  • With advanced rapid transit, will dedicating a lane to buses increase congestion in other lanes?
  • What is VIA doing to protect drivers during the pandemic?

Collecting Live Feedback

With Access Live’s polling feature, callers are able to give input and express their opinions by simply pressing a button on their phone’s keypad, while website viewers can vote on the streaming page online. VIA has received instant access to more than 1,000 poll responses from participants.

Examples of poll questions asked:

  • Have you used VIA during the Coronavirus pandemic?
  • How would you move around the city if VIA were not in service?
  • What matters most to you as you commute around San Antonio?

Access Live has helped VIA collect feedback and information from riders while also making these important conversations accessible to all citizens of the San Antonio area, regardless of language or physical barriers.

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