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Harnessing the Grassroots Strength of Local REALTORS® Associations

To help harness the grassroots strength of the REALTORS® association, Curate is a virtual fly on the wall for local government discussions across any state.

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With more than 1.3 million REALTORS® and 75 million property owners affected by public policy change across the United States every day, it’s no surprise the annual NAR Conference focuses heavily on advocacy, especially on the local level.

Before appeals that impact the local real estate climate spread like wildfire among homeowners and buyers, they’re first discussed by local municipalities from school boards to city councils.

However, it’s not guaranteed you’ll hear every concern through the grapevine, or be able to vote a REALTOR® to the next open seat on the city council. And unless you have superhuman abilities, it’s impossible to attend all these municipality meetings yourself.

To help harness the grassroots strength of your REALTORS® association, Curate is the virtual fly on the wall for all local discussions across your state.

We are powered by cutting-edge tech that goes to your state's counties', cities', villages', and towns' websites each week. On these websites, Curate gathers the most recently posted minutes and agendas documents from all the local government meetings, including commissions, committees, and boards.

Our artificial intelligence then reads through and pinpoints needle-in-a-haystack keywords related to key issues your governmental affairs team wants to keep tabs on, such as “sign ordinance”, “zoning code rewrite”, or “impact fee”.

This allows you to see only the relevant snippets of discussions that are impacting the real estate market in all counties, cities, villages, or towns across your state, displayed verbatim on your association’s Curate dashboard.

By consolidating the reliable and consistent information from all municipality meeting minutes and agendas each week, our goal is to optimize the way associations — at the state or regional level — know which communities are discussing policies that impact REALTORS® right now and help government affairs teams prioritize advocacy strategies more effectively in the long run.

Ready to see Curate for yourself?

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