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Empowering Healthcare Practices Through Data: Aledade's Success Story with FiscalNote


Equipping primary care centers in the U.S, Aledade uses technology, data, analytics, and coaching to optimize workflows for value-based care. Discover how FiscalNote aids in navigating the complex healthcare policy landscape.

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Aledade represents the next generation of primary care in the United States. As the country’s most expansive independent primary care network, Aledade helps equip practices and community health centers with crucial resources including technology, data, analytics, and coaching to succeed in accountable care. Through this partnership, these organizations can optimize their workflows for value-based care.

“Aledade provides the data analytics and the infrastructure so that practices can really understand their patient panel much better in terms of who is coming in, who is not coming in, who's overdue for a visit, help them with quality reporting, and bring more actionable insights through the data to them,” explains Casey Korba, director of policy at Aledade.

Since its inception in 2014, policy has been front and center for the company in the highly regulated field of value-based care. To better serve its clients, Aledade's policy team is tactically organized into geographical regions to efficiently tackle the most relevant healthcare issues.

“Health care is so local and we need to be the boots on the ground within each of our states to really understand what is happening legislatively,” says Caroline Smith, program manager at Aledade.

This intricate nexus of healthcare policy demands unflinching attention and sophisticated tools, which is why innovation-driven Aledade trusts FiscalNote.

The Challenge: Navigating the Healthcare Policy Landscape

Navigating the intertwined realms of federal and state-level healthcare policies is taxing, even for a team as dedicated as Aledade's.

In 2020, Aledade was encountering an exponential increase in policy data flow, creating challenges in legislative tracking and stakeholder management.

“It was during the pandemic and [the team] felt like they needed something to optimize workflow because they couldn't monitor everything that was required,” Smith says.

Similarly, Aledade’s network of practices didn’t necessarily have the tools or employees to stay on top of the fast-moving policy environment across a range of topics — from direct primary care investment, healthcare workforce development, and administrative burden, to alternative payment models, telehealth, and system transformation.

The Solution: Harnessing the Power of FiscalNote

To help tackle these challenges, Aledade turned to FiscalNote. The tools streamlined policy management, provided consolidated legislative and regulatory tracking, and allowed the team to handle the data deluge.

“We do rely a lot on FiscalNote, particularly during the legislative sessions to give that input and that knowledge because otherwise, it would be next to impossible for the team to keep up to date on all of those changes,” says Smith.

FiscalNote’s ease of use has been an important feature for the team.

“I had used legislation management software in the past for some previous roles, and I do appreciate how comprehensive FiscalNote is without being overloaded with fluff. I think it's got a really clean and to-the-point way of delivering information about bills,” says Will London, senior policy analyst at Aledade.

Plus, with FiscalNote, the central Aledade team can offer valuable support to all the practices in its network, helping them navigate what a potentially impactful bill means, what the implications are, who are the sponsors, etc. so practices can focus on their patient's health while relying on Aledade for the grunt policy work.

“FiscalNote helps us by being that first wave of information as something progresses, as there's a development — we can be informed on that quickly,” says Smith. “[FiscalNote] helps us weed through a lot of superfluous information and get to the bottom line so that we can deliver that to our practices and our internal teams, and make sure that we're operating efficiently and effectively.”

FiscalNote in Action: Streamlining Legislative Tracking and Reporting

FiscalNote allows Aledade’s policy team to keep its finger on the pulse of federal and state-level policy and legislative changes. FiscalNote automates the tracking of multiple legislative sessions running concurrently within different U.S. states, making data digestible.

Additionally, FiscalNote’s reporting tools allow the team to quickly create professional-looking reports they can share with stakeholders internally and externally.

“Having the reporting tools is really useful and being able to filter, create different reports around what's going on in the primary care landscape during the legislative session, and automate the reports,” says Rebecca Cooper, policy specialist at Aledade.

During the state legislative sessions, the team is responsible for sending reports every two weeks, including bills to watch and why they matter.

“FiscalNote helps make us aware of things that we wouldn't otherwise be aware of,” says John Molera, senior policy analyst at Aledade. Using FiscalNote, he recently provided a legislative update to his Western region policy committee on two significant California bills: one around minimum wage for healthcare workers, and one that outlined a framework for universal healthcare in the state. “Those are two big issues of interest that a couple of our practices actually hadn't heard about before we communicated with them,” he adds. This way, FiscalNote helps increase the value of belonging within the Aledade network.

FiscalNote’s benefits extend well beyond legislative tracking. Its capacity to serve as a single source of truth for all talking points, notes, and meetings with legislators or key stakeholders on particular issues has allowed the team to reference past work and maintain continuity.

Additionally, the FiscalNote client success team proves to be an important resource for the Aledade policy team. For 10 weeks each summer, the company hires a policy intern and FiscalNote trains them on how to use the platform so they can hit the ground running.

Future Plans: Transforming Healthcare Policy Management with FiscalNote

Aledale envisions a future where workflows are more efficient, with FiscalNote playing a crucial role. From strengthening stakeholder relationships to broadening the team’s policy reach, the organization steps forward with FiscalNote supporting its journey.

“Our most mature market has had state policy for three years, which is still pretty new, and it feels like we're just finally starting to gain momentum and traction,” says Smith. “We want to continue to be a solid resource for internal teams, getting smarter and more intentional, and use the tool most effectively.”

With FiscalNote, Aledade turns the arduous tasks of policy tracking, stakeholder management, and reporting into a straightforward process. FiscalNote solutions have helped Aledade stay ahead of healthcare policy changes, better serve its network of primary care practices, and stand tall as a leading influence in healthcare policy.

"The FiscalNote tool allows a very small team to show that we can be very on top of things happening at any time, all across the nation,” Korba says.

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