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The Toolkit for Making your Hill Meetings Efficient, Productive, and Successful

by Mia Manzella, FiscalNote

Building and maintaining relationships with the right stakeholders is key, and having the tools in place to guarantee your meetings are as productive as possible is critical. Here’s how FiscalNote can help you manage it all. 

FiscalNote for successful meetings on the Hill

Congressional members and staffers on the Hill influence and craft legislation that could have a huge impact on your priority issues. This is why building and maintaining relationships with the right stakeholders is key, and having the tools in place to guarantee your meetings are as productive as possible is critical. To do this successfully, you’ll need to have a clear agenda, your facts and figures in order, and your objectives neatly laid out. 

Here’s how FiscalNote’s Issues Management platform can help you manage it all. 

Create a Central Repository to Manage Testimony, RFIs, CODELs, and Appropriations Correspondence 

Varying channels of communication means information can get lost in the shuffle. Inboxes get quickly bogged down making it easy to miss an important update before a day of meetings. With information flying around at all hours of a day, having a central repository for your team to refer to — especially on-the-go — is critical for your success. 

Moreover, you’re likely using various trackers, spreadsheets, and legacy systems to manage the influx of Requests for Information and Appropriations Correspondence coming your way. Even though the world has gone remote, you still have to go into your agency to access these systems. There’s a better way to do this — with FiscalNote. 

FiscalNote’s collaborative issues workspaces give you a holistic look into what your team is focused on so you can be confident you’re engaging with Congress on the right issues with the right data. Get a centralized look into your team’s latest positioning, relevant policy developments, recent news, and press releases, and what others are Tweeting about your issues — all from within FiscalNote’s workspaces. 

With staffing turnover a constant in most offices and on the Hill, the need for a central repository is particularly pressing. Not having legacy knowledge can lead to colleagues doubling up on efforts instead of picking up where your organization left off and building on what had been done before. Easily bring folks in new roles up-to-speed with FiscalNote’s ability to pair your team’s historical information alongside up-to-date strategic plans — readily available at their fingertips. 

Engage With the Right People at the Right Time 

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Make Congressional staffers your allies

New lawmakers means new staffers and contacts that you’ll immediately have to begin liaising with. To educate and inform legislators and their staff on why they should listen to you, you have to first know who to even talk to. Knowlegis, FiscalNote’s legislative directory tool is the best-in-class repository of Congressional contact information and messaging platform for finding and communicating with the right federal legislators.

Whether you’re a legislative analyst, communications manager, or executive director of government affairs, you know the importance of effectively engaging with Hill members. Ensuring your organization’s objectives are consistently voiced to key stakeholders is essential to advancing your public policy agenda. Keeping track of, engaging with, and managing relationships with these individuals is arguably one of the most important aspects of your role — and can seamlessly be achieved with FiscalNote’s intuitive stakeholder management tools

You’ll also be able to collaborate internally so everyone on your team knows who is having interactions with whom, which stakeholders are key to driving your organizational objectives, and where to leverage resources or build closer ties. With this knowledge on hand, you’ll be able to confidently walk into meetings and productively move the conversation forward. 

Consistent Communication and Messaging 

To effectively communicate with Congressional offices, your team needs a unified place to stitch together the notes and key takeaways from the various meetings and conversations everyone is holding over time. Whether you’re engaging on the same issues year-over-year or tasked with managing many emerging issues, your team and organization at large should be equipped with up-to-date talking points and consistent messages to deliver. 

In between meetings, reference your FiscalNote mobile app to check on recent team updates, important policy developments, or any newly added notes by other team members. You’ll be able to easily keep a running record of the quick conversations you’re having throughout your day on the Hill and ensure no information is lost. 

Make the most informed decisions for your organization

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Data that Delivers

While teams derive a great deal of value from these workflow tools, they also rely heavily on FiscalNote and CQ Roll Call’s policy news, analysis, and data to gain deeper insights into their priority issues.

Glance at any given legislator’s page within the FiscalNote platform to quickly see your team’s most recent conversation with them, their stance on particular topics, or their most recent Tweets. Look at a committee page to quickly learn party breakdown, how many members you’ve touched recently, or on which issues they’re aligned with you. You can even quickly check a bill’s page to see its current status or which lawmakers you’ve already engaged with on this particular policy. 

You’ll also have access to in-depth, non-partisan analysis on Congress and federal policy via the most trusted news source on Capitol Hill, CQ Roll Call. Combining best-in-class solutions FiscalNote and CQ Roll Call enables you to gather all the intel you need from one source. 

With these powerful and intelligent tools, news, and analysis, you’ll be able to make informed decisions and implement the best strategy for making your Hill meetings efficient, productive, and successful.

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