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The Power of a Diverse Network Library Boosts Market Intelligence

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So, you've learned the importance of a strong network of individuals with unique talents and actually staying in touch with them, whether that be by attending industry events or chatting over the phone, but how does this relate to market intelligence?

Simple! The way every company hones their market intelligence is different. In other words, every company gauges the importance of information differently on a scale of how well it will help their business succeed. For example, what good will reading a physics textbook do for a music major's success during their senior performance?

That's where a strong network comes in: Fill your network library with textbooks only your company would find value in reading, and don't be afraid to read the same book twice! Keep tabs on the people within your industry network who can leverage both your growth as a leader and success of your company overall. So, brush off that dusty textbook and take it out for coffee. You might remember why you made a place for it on your bookshelf in the first place — and your market intelligence will thank you for it.

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