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Managing Your Issues in a Crisis with FiscalNote

by FiscalNote Team, FiscalNote

A checklist for leaders in the public and government affairs space to stay on top of the emerging issues that threaten your organizations.

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The world is more uncertain than ever.  Things are changing rapidly. The coronavirus is already having significant effects across our nation and globe. 

How can we help? FiscalNote products are designed to help you navigate through risk and uncertainty, and get you the information you need at the right time. Use this checklist to help you manage through the coronavirus crisis with our products.

CQ Roll Call

  • Stay in touch with new developments at federal and state level. Check CQ Roll Call News Feeds and morning newsletters for updates on what’s happening on the Hill regarding the crisis.
  • Bookmark our Coronavirus resource center that provides links to all of the coronavirus coverage over the last few months. 

FiscalNote Core Platform

  • Open an Issue Page dedicated to the crisis and pull in sources of truth and data, such as Bills, CQ News, CDC and WHO website alerts, etc. Tag your relevant stakeholders to keep them informed. Consolidate every piece of information that relates to the crisis you’re following in one place. Set an Alert on this issue page to be notified when someone on your team adds content or activity.
  • Mitigate and monitor risks by setting up Discovery Alerts for anything that relates to the crisis at hand at the State, Federal, and Global level. Quickly get up-to-speed on the whole picture by reviewing all of your notifications in one place. 
  • Use Directory to gain access to over 100,000 legislator profiles and find and engage with the stakeholders who are most relevant to the crisis.  
  • Keep your internal and external stakeholders aware of crisis developments and on the same page with Action Reporting. Stay connected on key talking points and increase team efficiency with knowledge share and a centralized workspace. 
  • Create Labels to allow users to categorize data and associate various items within the platform. Categorize policy data by business unit, locality/jurisdiction, and risk assignment  Allow users to easily and quickly find global policy data (bills, regs, research documents) using the Labels they’ve applied to their data with Label Search.
  • Collaborate on plans for addressing the crisis, logging progress within the FiscalNote platform as you implement the plans, and report on results.

Voter Voice and FiscalNote Advocacy

  • Engage and Advocate for your members. Are you an association whose members are affected by coronavirus? Use your VoterVoice Homepage map to see where your advocates are by district and compare their location to known clusters of the virus. Consider sending a survey to members to ask if/how they are impacted.
  • Consider best practices for a Digital Fly-in if your advocates are counting on having a fly-in or Hill Day during the coronavirus response. Use VoterVoice to schedule a virtual advocacy day to engage with your members remotely. 

EU Issue Tracker

  • Utilize EU Issue Tracker to monitor EU policy changes as it relates to the virus with analysis by our experts on the ground in Brussels. 

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