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Election Day isn't just for Capitol Hill

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It's Election Day, and if you've made it to the polls on time, congrats!

While voting in a non-presidential race may not be as exciting, we all know mayoral and gubernatorial elections have the most impact on our everyday life.

Here are three ways how:

  1. Non-federal government officials have a say in how millions of dollars of your taxes are spent in your own backyard.
  2. Policy decisions approved by your state or city legislative bodies can be vetoed by a mayor or governor.
  3. Ordinances passed by one city can get easily passed in neighboring cities, and even by the state if it reaches the Legislature.

On a weekly basis, Curate sees the direct impact mayors have on city councils reviewing proposed policy changes, such as minimum-wage or mining ordinances.

Our software scans hundreds of thousands of unique municipality meeting minutes and agendas, and we can testify that in cities from 2,000 in population to 200,000, mayors have an incredible amount of decision-making power — and the same goes for governors as well.

Whether you're voting for mayor or governor (or both!) remember that all policy starts with the government leaders closer to your house than the White House.

The Curate team will always be proud to vote in our state and local elections!

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