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The Building Blocks for a Successful State Government Affairs Strategy

by Mia Manzella, FiscalNote

State legislative tracking technology can help you discover and monitor legislative developments, manage stakeholder relationships, and more

State legislative tracking technology

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Did you know more than 132,600 bills were introduced in the 2023 state legislative sessions across the country, with over 30,800 of them enacted?

The volume of information for state government affairs teams to manage without letting any quickly moving bills or rules slip through the cracks is enormous. But with the right technology, your team, no matter the size, can effectively discover and monitor state legislative and regulatory developments, prioritize outreach, and manage relationships with policymakers and other influential stakeholders.

Read on to learn how more than 5,000 organizations build a successful state policy strategy leveraging FiscalNote's state legislative tracking technology — and why you should too.

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