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Driving Results with FiscalNote’s Issues Management Solutions

by Content Team, FiscalNote

Here are four concrete ways to demonstrate your core value and effectiveness to internal and external stakeholders

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In times of uncertainty and economic turmoil, every team and department starts getting asked how they contribute to the bottom line and where they support the overall mission of the organization. 

The good news is that if budget cuts or concessions are being touted at your organization, government and public affairs professionals are presented with a huge opportunity to show their value and drive results like never before. 

Why is that? 

Whether you’re following the COVID-19 stimulus bill and the actual dollars your organization may need, monitoring local or state legislation, or educating or rallying your members, clients, grassroots, and grasstops to take action, FiscalNote’s Issues Management solution are here to help. 

Here are four concrete ways to demonstrate your core value and effectiveness to internal and external stakeholders. 

Organize and Create Your Team’s Strategy

From single person lobby shops all the way up to Fortune 500 multinationals, FiscalNote allows government and public affairs leaders to create a single system of record for your team so everyone knows what’s happening, and is working from the same playwork. 

For Nouryon, FiscalNote helped manage their public affairs strategy by keeping their teams and important internal information in the same place to allow for easy messaging.

Government and public affairs professionals are frequently the ones behind the scenes making sure the trees don’t fall and harm the house. But that’s not always obvious work to the rest of the company or association. 

With COVID-19 that’s all changed. Now your department is front and center and crucial in trying to make sure your industry is protected. 

FiscalNote’s platform lets your team create a central place for everyone to work, set objectives, determine the next actions, and create a simple view to see what everyone on your team is working on. 

That saves your organization time and planning resources by keeping track of all your actions, notes, stakeholders you’re meeting with, and the legislation and regulations you’re monitoring in one place.

"We now have everything in one place. [FiscalNote] optimized our ways of working. It’s reduced email traffic and papers floating around everywhere." - Marcel Halma, Director of Integrated Communications & Global Public Affairs, Nouryon

Modernize Your Advocacy Efforts

Whether your team is looking to save funding or raise money for an important cause or project, build awareness during a public crisis, or increase engagement among inactive advocates, FiscalNote allows teams to quantify the ROI of advocacy campaigns. 

You can calculate the number of actions taken by your membership and grassroots/grasstops or donors during the campaign, and quickly educate the public on the issues that affect your organization – all in one place. 

By modernizing your advocacy efforts with a legislative action center, you’ll be able to show important stakeholders that your organization is leading the messaging and narrative around the most pressing public policy issues. 

When Trinity Health needed to stop a piece of local legislation in just 72 hours, using a highly targeted grassroots campaign, FiscalNote’s advocacy solutions allowed their team to easily create and launch campaigns, activate supporters with tailored communication, track progress with real-time activity reports, and prove the ROI of their government and public affairs efforts.

“Each advocate sent out letters to all 30 legislators with one click of a mouse.” - Stephanie Armstrong-Helton, Head of Communications and Grassroots Advocacy, Trinity Health

Save Money and Prioritize Resources

Budgets and financial resources are under more scrutiny than ever before, and your C-Suite is expecting you to prioritize resources effectively and cut down on costs where you can.

For Nestlé, FiscalNote allowed for their team to cut back on 57 contracts, a cost savings of $4 million in membership dues. By using FiscalNote’s Issues Management solutions, Nestlé moved its legislative and regulatory work onto one platform to be able to stay ahead of the rapidly changing public policy landscape and not rely on the expertise of other organizations.

Saving your organization money and valuable resources during times of crisis will protect your team from cuts in the future as well as show that you’re innovating in a rapidly changing public policy landscape. 

“[FiscalNote] gives real-time visibility and allows my team to self-serve.” - Molly Phillips Fogarty, Senior Vice President of Corporate and Government Affairs, Nestlé

Stay Informed At All Times

One consumer’s tweet about poor customer service, safety concerns from using a product, or any perceived scandal can quickly evolve into a mass media frenzy. When public perception dips there’s potential for the introduction of a bill or regulation to address the issue, resulting in lost business for your organization or members. 

Stay ahead of the legislation and regulations related to your industry that can pop up at a moment’s notice. For Southwest Airlines, FiscalNote helps their team monitor changes happening in state governments and Congress, as well as helping build out a proactive government and public affairs strategy that matches today’s complicated policy environment. 

By never missing a bill, your team will be able to save countless hours by staying ahead of the news and legislative cycle and dedicate that time to working towards building up your strategy and team. 

"The timeliness of the FiscalNote Platform is amazing"- Dorothy Sauvinet, Governmental Affairs Advisor, Southwest Airlines

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