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5 Ways to Save on Budgets With an End-to-End Solution

by Content Team, FiscalNote

How to cut costs while still maintaining the same level of work in government affairs and advocacy.

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With COVID-19 still straining the global economy and changing the way we work, organizations everywhere have been forced to cut costs, while still maintaining the same level of work. One of the first places to start? Bundling and consolidating your policy monitoring and advocacy software. 

For government and public affairs professionals managing policy issues, combining subscriptions can unify various systems and data sets, help to align dispersed teams under one platform, and reduce vendor costs. 

FiscalNote provides a one-stop-shop solution that can save your organization time and resources during COVID-19 and beyond. Here are five ways we can help: 

1. Consolidate Your Monitoring Services

Many organizations with a strong state, federal, local, and global legislative agenda have been forced to pivot their strategies entirely to managing monitoring policy around the coronavirus outbreak. FiscalNote provides legislative and regulatory monitoring in one place so that your organization can free up financial resources for other priorities. Additionally, FiscalNote’s local and state government tracking allows you to follow local laws, resolutions, speeches, and hearings without having to outsource to another provider. 

With FiscalNote, your team will be able to cut down on the redundancy of monitoring and tracking services and allow your team to expand beyond a reactive strategy of waiting to receive email alerts from different vendors and sources.

2. Eliminate Unnecessary Communications and Inept Workflow Tools

Being able to communicate effectively and share the same talking points and strategies can be difficult, especially when teams are not able to travel and meet face-to-face right now.

Many teams are turning to disparate communications and workflow tools to help them keep their important documents and notes organized. FiscalNote provides a single source of information for government and public affairs teams and an online workspace to be able to collaborate and manage proprietary information related to their public policy issues.

In the FiscalNote issues management system, your government relations team is able to add new proposed bills and the stakeholders or lawmakers they’ve met within the same place your communications or public relations teams can simultaneously post current talking points, the legal team can assess new risks, and the entire team can log their contacts, meetings, and notes.

Additionally, instead of using an additional organization-wide communication tool, your government and public affairs teams will be able to communicate in real-time using FiscalNote through tagging and alerting inside the platform. This will provide your team with the most up-to-date information without having to look in different project boards, folders, and emails for the right resources.

3. Modernize Your Stakeholder Management Strategy 

Shifts in power at the local and state levels are posing a challenge to those executives tasked with strengthening their organization’s stakeholder networks. This new environment calls for an innovative approach to relationship building that now needs to be done virtually.

Some government and public affairs teams have relied heavily on customer relationship management (CRM) tools to keep track of the important legislators, lobbyists, and grassroots and grasstops leaders in their network. These solutions show important contact information, but they do not connect directly with the legislators and legislation that your team is tasked with monitoring. 

While there are a variety of ways to expand your organization’s Rolodex, FiscalNote lets teams manage their stakeholder networks in one place and allows them to keep track of contact information and details surrounding their interactions with them. 

Without relying on different tools and by moving everything onto FiscalNote, your team will better understand how the people and organizations within your compilation of contacts are related to each other, and how they relate to your public policy issues and the news.

4. Follow All The Important Policy News In One Place

Instead of subscribing to multiple outlets to gain insights on the issues that affect your industry the most, drill down and get your news and policy analysis all in one place and right to your inbox and desktop daily. 

You need to know about every hearing, press conference, committee meeting, and anything hitting the House and Senate floors to minimize risk, without having to dig through 3,000 pages or worry about missing an alert.

Our team of experts at CQ Roll Call has more than 70 years of trusted, nonpartisan analysis covering Congress to help you make better decisions for your organizations.

5. Launch Metrics-Driven Advocacy Campaigns From One Place

Many advocacy and public affairs professionals are used to having to jump between providers to create advocacy campaigns and mobilize their members to take action in one place, and do their issues and stakeholder management in another.

Using a different grassroots advocacy vendor from your issues management platform means that everything is siloed and you’re not getting a complete picture of your state, federal, and local government affairs teams’ efforts. 

A full dashboard showing how your grassroots efforts align with the goals and objectives in the government and public affairs function, instead of just monitoring how many emails have been sent to stakeholders, means you’re getting a holistic view of efforts across the team. 

Dealing with one end-to-end company for your advocacy, monitoring, news and analysis, and stakeholder management needs means you have one set of customer service representatives and one account manager which simplifies everything and allows for a better relationship and awareness of your organization’s needs as well as saving on additional products and services. 

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