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brings you trusted, comprehensive news and insights on US federal policy.
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  • Policy news from award-winning journalists

    Our team of experts have decades of experience covering Congress and the White House. You can trust them to bring you the insightful, nonpartisan analysis you need to make better decisions. Request a demo today.

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    You need to know the moment something changes, and CQ’s advanced alerting system ensures you get an automatic alert—both in your inbox and via our mobile app. See for yourself and request a demo today.

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    Get coverage on the background and current status of 20+ key topics, giving you the state of play in a moment. Twice-daily newsletters give you the biggest headlines from Washington.

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    Every hearing, every press conference, every committee meeting, everything hitting the House and Senate floors. If it’s scheduled to happen on or around Capitol Hill, you’ll know about it.

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It’s easy to find political news. It’s hard to find in-depth, non-partisan analysis of federal policy.

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    Morning Briefing email

    Twice each day, you get the headlines of every story published by our veteran journalists. This guarantees that you are informed of everything happening on the Hill.

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Media outlets, Fortune 500 companies, and every branch of the government rely on CQ News for comprehensive, non-partisan analysis

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