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Template: Stakeholder Engagement Matrix to Manage Your Organization’s Relationships at a Glance

by Lydia Stowe, FiscalNote

Download this fully customizable template to easily manage key stakeholder relationships.

Stakeholder relationship management

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One of the most important and challenging jobs of a government affairs professional is to engage and communicate with stakeholders effectively. Keeping track of those relationships and how they factor into your organization’s goals is essential to developing productive connections.

FiscalNote’s stakeholder engagement matrix is the blueprint you need to get started managing those very important relationships, and succinctly communicate and present your interactions with stakeholders. Handy drop-down menus allow you to clearly label stakeholders so you can then share it with the rest of your team to keep everyone on the same page. This entirely customizable template can help you track and see at a glance:

  • Your current relationship status with a stakeholder

  • Desired future relationship status with a stakeholder

  • How critical a stakeholder is to achieving your organization’s goals

  • Who is managing this relationship, and any notes they have

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