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Staying on Top of the Corporate Policy Landscape — Is Your Team Prepared?

by Mia Manzella, FiscalNote

Best practices to help you keep up with the changing corporate policy landscape.

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Over the last two years, corporate policy has entered the spotlight and gained increased notoriety not only from the general public but also from policymakers. From how a company behaves in nature, to how
it treats its employees and community, all the way to its leadership diversity, the corporate policy landscape is quickly changing.

Keeping up with workforce policy — such as regulating independent contractors, the gig economy, paid leave, prevailing wage, health and safety, and skills creation — at the global, federal, state, and local levels can be a gargantuan task, on top of everything else you have to work on. Are you prepared to follow the developments around corporate policies, how they affect your organization, and how you can make sure your interests are protected?

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