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23 Pros Share Their Tips for Virtual Lobbying and Advocacy

by Content Team, FiscalNote

Navigate what has become the “new normal” with the best tips and tricks lobbying and advocacy professionals have learned from doing their work remotely.

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Being able to truly connect with others and get them excited about the issues that are important to you and your organization so they take action is hard to do without an office setting or being able to spontaneously run into someone in the halls of Congress.

While the basics remain the same your lobbying strategy has drastically changed. Running virtual meetings, troubleshooting technical difficulties, and keeping people’s attention are common issues we’ve all run into over the past six months.

To help you navigate what has become the “new normal” for 2020 (and most likely the first half of 2021), FiscalNote reached out to 23 lobbying and advocacy professionals like yourself for the best tips and tricks they have learned doing their work remotely.

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