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from a trusted, nonpartisan source gives you the policy insights and updates to make the best decisions for your organization.
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News You Can Trust

When it comes to news, you need a fast and reliable source that never leaves you second-guessing.

CQ's news and policy analysis teams cut through the noise and divisiveness so you only get the critical policy news from Congress that matters.

With the most established press corps on Capitol Hill, CQ has been trusted to deliver the right news, at the right time — to every congressional office, all three branches of government, the vast majority of the agencies, and thousands of organizations — for over 75 years. Get the facts you need to make sense of Washington, right to your inbox.


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The People Behind the Policy

It’s not enough to know which policy was introduced, amended, or struck down on Capitol Hill.

To make sense of it all, you need to know the players and internal politics behind the policy.

That’s why Roll Call has been publishing on the people and politics of Congress with timely news, objective facts, and coverage of elections since 1955. We help you track and understand the faces, hierarchies, and processes — and how all these forces combined affect your organization and interests.


Get the latest, most accurate, policy information on Congress, as well as critical legislation affecting the United States, and beyond.

Make sure you’re monitoring the policy that matters from every angle so you’re first to know and react when something changes.

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