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The US Supreme Court: Review of the 2022-23 Term & Preview of What's to Come

by Oxford Analytica Content Team, FiscalNote

Dive into the impact of the Supreme Court's recent decisions and gain valuable insights into the future of American law. Our in-depth report provides an analysis of the Court's actions during the 2022-23 term, shedding light on crucial topics such as executive power, diversity, civil rights, and more.

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As public confidence in the U.S. Supreme Court wavers and conservative rulings are anticipated in the coming year, it is essential to stay informed about the direction of the nation's highest justice institution. This report delves into the repercussions of key decisions, including the erasure of affirmative action and its influence on corporate practices, college admissions, and race preferences in various domains.

Moreover, our report discusses the subsidiary impacts of Supreme Court decisions, such as their contribution to political polarization and the increased political activism of dissenting individuals. By examining the Court's involvement in issues like student debt, First Amendment rights, and executive power, we provide a comprehensive perspective of the evolving legal landscape.

Looking ahead to the upcoming term, we outline the likely issues that will shape the Supreme Court's agenda in 2023-24. From guns and domestic violence to free speech and the Court's legitimacy, these topics will undoubtedly capture the nation's attention and have far-reaching consequences for our society.

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