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National Issues, Local Impact: Local Government Responses to 5 Election-Year Issues

Explore how local governments in key toss-up states address top voter concerns like climate change, immigration, and public safety.

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In a recent Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, Inflation, Immigration, Crime, Climate Change, and Abortion emerged as the top five issues critical to voters for the 2024 national election. Local governments actively discuss and address these issues, reflecting their community significance.

Leveraging Curate data, this report dives into the discussion frequency of these issues in local governments across four toss-up states to gain insights into how these issues might affect the outcome of the elections.

Key insights:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of local government reactions to national concerns
  • Equip yourself with knowledge to anticipate shifts in political and public discourse
  • Leverage unique data to inform your strategies and decision-making processes

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