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The Hottest Topics in Local Energy Policy Over the Last Six Months

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In the last six months, hundreds of local governments across the United States considered or implemented a wide variety of energy-related measures, most in an effort to pave the way for a future that relies less on fossil fuels.

And as leading energy and utility organizations well know, following policy discussions at the local level — where policies turn into law much faster than at the state or national level — is vital to surviving a transition intact and thriving in this marketplace. Otherwise, disruptions to operations could be detrimental.

Curate, a FiscalNote company, analyzed hundreds of thousands of meeting minutes and agendas from more than 12,000 cities, counties, and school boards around the country to build this report showing the volume and nature of energy-related discussions happening in local governments.

Download the report to see how local governments are reacting to the changing energy landscape.

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