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EU Election Outlook: A Deep Dive into Influential Players and Policy Shifts Ahead of 2024

by William Eddershaw, FiscalNote

With just months until the official campaigning period for the European elections begins, it remains critical for organizations to understand the changing politics, composition, and direction of the EU’s institutions. Combined, they will have a significant impact on legislation and decision-making.

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Amid an ongoing war, record-level interest rates, and a summer highlighting the impacts of climate change, the problems facing the EU are more arduous and imminent than five years ago. With this bleak outlook, many senior figures across the EU’s institutions are expected to opt out from guiding the bloc through the next five years. Key departures from the Commission, Parliament, and recent national elections already signal that there will not be a smooth transition from this term to the next.

With issues such as food and energy security, biodiversity, and migration up for debate across Member States, these elections will greatly inform the new Commission’s aims and ambitions for its wider policy strategy. This is your guide for the European elections, including key timelines, emerging policy platforms, changing priorities, influential stakeholders, and how you can prepare for what comes next.

Featuring insights from:

  • Sebastián Rodriguez, campaign strategist and founder of the European Campaign Playbook
  • Geraint Edwards, managing director of FiscalNote in Brussels
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